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VonBones is a female fronted, alternative punk/metal band out of Victoria, BC, Canada. With a 6 month hiatus the band has transformed from a pop punk group to a face melting, blast beat, rip your heart out, punk/metal band. Debuting their new songs Oct 15th at V-Lounge in Victoria, VonBones has found their sound and now there's no holding back.

With so many influences and a love for many genres of music, Vonbones is an eclectic group of musicians with a common goal; to put out hard hitting tunes and a kick ass show.

VonBones is currently preforming as well as writing and rehearsing for their up and coming full length release due out in March of 2011

LilyVon Tease - Vocals
Mike Bones - Guitar Back up Vocals
Fred Burgess - Bass
Chris Krausert - Drums


PHONE - 250 - 686 - 1523